Wolff Talks About Ferrari

Wolff, who is part of the Mercedes F1 team states that he would miss having to fight off the challenges of the Ferrari team this season.

Toto Wolff, who is the boss of the Motorsport division of Mercedes hopes that Ferrari would soon recover their form so that the battle on the race tracks can resume. Ferrari teams have fought hard at the grand prix events in 2015. It was expected that the campaign that started this year would see Mercedes team fighting hard for the F1 titles against the Ferrari team. However the opening 12 grand prix events did not see any wins from the Ferrari team. The summer break has now begun and Ferrari is hoping to revisit their technical structure and operations so that they can get back on the winning track. The first half of the season saw the team emerge as the third best team. They have been overtaken by teams like Red Bull besides Mercedes.

Wolff feels that the Ferrari team needs to learn from the mistakes they have made. That is one of the weaknesses of the team and they need to work on the same if they wish to recover in the second half of the year. Wolff states that the Mercedes team looks forward to a stiff challenge for the Ferrari team.

That is what Formula 1 is all about. The drivers as well as the teams need to provide great challenges to each other. Ferrari is a great brand and full of people who are capable, it is definitely a challenge for other teams to meet the people of Ferrari and to prove themselves against this legendary F1 team. There might have been the reasons which have stopped them from performing at the levels they are expected to perform, but it is hoped that Ferrari will come back to fighting form soon.