Lewis Hamilton Owes His SPOTY Trophy To Social Networking

The popular decision to champion F1 star racer Hamilton (Lewis) as BBC SPOTY 2014 has been received with mixed reaction. According to many, the F1Q champ owes his win largely to social networking stimulation.

It’s not just because he brought his furry friend at the red carpet event of Glasgow but also given his convincing upper hand over golf star Rory McIlroy who was the top favorite for the coveted BBC honor this year.

As per the sources, the F1 racer received around 209,920 telephone & online votes which formed 33.8 percent of votes received for choosing the SPOTY trophy 2014 – and it successfully eclipsed Rory’s 19.9 percent share by high mark of 86, 175 votes. It wasn’t a very close-run thing & was beyond the expectation of many.

The Irish golf star was rated 2/9 on the winning scale by the bookmakers when BBC came up with the ten-person shortlist in the last week of November. Lewis’ odds came up from the previous 3/1 price yet still his victory margin indicates how many people underestimated the very esteem of his 2nd driver’s title.

As a perfect gentleman, Rory took the unexpected defeat gracefully even when a huge share of golf stars were quite baffled at the very decision.

As Ian Poulter posted on Twitter- “Absolutely ridiculous that Rory did not win SPOTY 2014. Great respect to Lewis but, again, come on. BBCSPOTY is a huge joke today.”

Hamilton’s Facebook page has received 2.9 million Likes in comparison to 708,000 Likes received by Rory’s page. In the contemporary digital age, such a huge margin of “Likes” on Facebook could be quite a stimulating factor. The very hashtag urging people to vote for the F1 champ went viral online and so pictures of Lewis’ wrapped in Union Flag.