German Grand Pirx dropped from F1 calendar

The FIA has announced that the German Grand Prix has been dropped from the Formula One calendar for the current season, leaving it with only 19 races between now and the end of the season in a bitter blow to racing fans in Germany.

Hockenheim was the host of the 2014 race which was won by German driver Nico Rosberg for Mercedes, a German team but it is supposed to alternate with Nurburgring. However, with the Nurburgring circuit changing ownership recently, the new owners have baulked at having to pay the huge fees to host the race on July 19 and have backed out of it.

Hockenheim, which has a contract with the Formula One officials to host the race in 2016 was asked to step in and save the race but the track officials failed to come to any sort of agreement with Formula One commercial boss Berie Ecclestone.

This means that for the first time since 1960, there will be no German Grand Prix in the Formula One calendar. The history of the race dates as long back to 1926 with only the races in Belgium and Italy having a longer history. Read more