Nico Rosberg has said that his perspective on life has changed greatly.

He recently said on Friday that there was more to life than driving round in circles. He also hinted he would love to invest in electric cars – after his shock retirement announcement.

Rosberg who announced his retirement on December, only five days after winning the world title, talked about his plans which include spending more time with his wife and daughter plus doing more charity work.

“Life has more to offer than driving round in circles,” the 31-year old German told the audience at the World Economic Forum in the Swiss ski resort of Davos, where high class individuals gathered.

He had plans to hit the slopes after a long, legally enforced absence just for leisure.

“It’s 11 years since I’ve been skiing because it’s in my contract as a racer you’re not allowed to ski,” Rosberg said.

“I will give something back in some way or another”, adding that as a first move, “I’m going to go to Germany to visit children who are quite ill,” he added.

Roseberg is also looking into investment opportunities. “There are so many possibilities… electrical cars, for example,” he said.

fter starting out in karting at the tender age of six, the son of Finnish F1 world champion Keke Rosberg said he was looking forward to being in control of his own life again.

The former Mercedes driver said he had no regrets about his decision to quit, saying he wanted to walk out at the absolute peak.

“Everybody needs to find their own way and figure out what’s best for them,” he added.

Rosberg told AFP in an interview last month that among other options he was mulling a new career as an actor.

“An action hero… That would make me very happy.”