McLaren And Its Potential For Russian GP

There are many stories around a Russian Grand Prix as the tracks ready for the upcoming race this weekend.

Jenson Button stated at a press conference that the McLaren team was yet to display their full potential in order to qualify for the race. He stated that McLaren has united with Honda since Q3, but the team has to showcase the betterment in skills as yet. Fernando Alonso, who qualified in China and Australia, took up twelfth places in the races. The team feels that a top position in the top ten would have been possible, but a red flag that was issued in Q2 led to this hope being dashed.

The last race for the team offered difficult conditions for the driver. The driver came home at the twelfth or the thirteenth position which was not desirable. Last year, at the China tracks, every car had finished successfully and that is what is required to be repeated every time. Definitely the team has a pace that allows it to qualify for the races, but the team has moved up and gain more points. If you seek his expertise, he is not looking at great improvements in the team’s performance this weekend as well. That is a practical approach to take.

The team also needs to focus on the European season that is coming up. The Russian track would not help to up the skills, but keeping up the pace would be easier and hopefully it would lead to more qualifying opportunities for the team. Again, the critical review of the team and its performance is what would keep it going and help it to move to the top ring. That is what is expected from the McLaren team and much remains to be seen how competitive they will be in the upcoming weekend race.