Lewis Holidays In Barbados

With the summer break having started for the racing community, Lewis has been holidaying in Barbados and the media has been following him around in the escapades that he is experiencing there.

Recently, his pictures were shot with him having traded cars for boats for a day. He has been found partying with the local Bajan beauties lately. This particular day saw him with the boys in the water and on the boats. Lewis is known to be a lothario and he is often seen dating some of the beautiful women of the world. However, this Wednesday he was not with a woman companion as he spent a day on a boat with the boys. Being a Formula One legend, there is little wonder that the focus of the world is on him. The island of Barbados offers several scenic beaches and the tranquil waters are perfect for spending a day on the boat.

Lewis was found to be the center of media attention as he did not try and conceal his body. With a pair of shorts of the camouflage design and a green tank top, he actually pulled off the daring combination with bare feet on the sandy beaches. He was found boarding a speedboat with his guy friends. He and his friends sped off towards a certain coastal area of the island. The 31 year old is no stranger to fashion and the cool summer beach wear that he flaunted seemed to be evidence of the same. He seemed to have partied all night the previous evening, but he still went out for a day trip on the waters. Flaunting an overnight beard, he accessorized his clothes with a silver chain that had a crucifix pendant. It offered a bling accessory to his overall look.