Wolff Talks About Ferrari

Wolff, who is part of the Mercedes F1 team states that he would miss having to fight off the challenges of the Ferrari team this season.

Toto Wolff, who is the boss of the Motorsport division of Mercedes hopes that Ferrari would soon recover their form so that the battle on the race tracks can resume. Ferrari teams have fought hard at the grand prix events in 2015. It was expected that the campaign that started this year would see Mercedes team fighting hard for the F1 titles against the Ferrari team. However the opening 12 grand prix events did not see any wins from the Ferrari team. The summer break has now begun and Ferrari is hoping to revisit their technical structure and operations so that they can get back on the winning track. The first half of the season saw the team emerge as the third best team. They have been overtaken by teams like Red Bull besides Mercedes.

Wolff feels that the Ferrari team needs to learn from the mistakes they have made. That is one of the weaknesses of the team and they need to work on the same if they wish to recover in the second half of the year. Wolff states that the Mercedes team looks forward to a stiff challenge for the Ferrari team.

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McLaren And Its Potential For Russian GP

There are many stories around a Russian Grand Prix as the tracks ready for the upcoming race this weekend.

Jenson Button stated at a press conference that the McLaren team was yet to display their full potential in order to qualify for the race. He stated that McLaren has united with Honda since Q3, but the team has to showcase the betterment in skills as yet. Fernando Alonso, who qualified in China and Australia, took up twelfth places in the races. The team feels that a top position in the top ten would have been possible, but a red flag that was issued in Q2 led to this hope being dashed.

The last race for the team offered difficult conditions for the driver. The driver came home at the twelfth or the thirteenth position which was not desirable. Last year, at the China tracks, every car had finished successfully and that is what is required to be repeated every time. Definitely the team has a pace that allows it to qualify for the races, but the team has moved up and gain more points. If you seek his expertise, he is not looking at great improvements in the team’s performance this weekend as well. That is a practical approach to take. Read more

German Grand Pirx dropped from F1 calendar

The FIA has announced that the German Grand Prix has been dropped from the Formula One calendar for the current season, leaving it with only 19 races between now and the end of the season in a bitter blow to racing fans in Germany.

Hockenheim was the host of the 2014 race which was won by German driver Nico Rosberg for Mercedes, a German team but it is supposed to alternate with Nurburgring. However, with the Nurburgring circuit changing ownership recently, the new owners have baulked at having to pay the huge fees to host the race on July 19 and have backed out of it.

Hockenheim, which has a contract with the Formula One officials to host the race in 2016 was asked to step in and save the race but the track officials failed to come to any sort of agreement with Formula One commercial boss Berie Ecclestone.

This means that for the first time since 1960, there will be no German Grand Prix in the Formula One calendar. The history of the race dates as long back to 1926 with only the races in Belgium and Italy having a longer history. Read more

FIA Will Investigate Alonso’s Test Crash

FIA has announced to investigate McLaren driver Alonso’s F1 test crash at the Barcelona circuit a few days back.

Albeit the governing organization doesn’t automatically review every incident at the test circuits- as the test events are mostly arranged by teams & aren’t exactly any FIA-run event- yet Alonso’s 3 days in the hospital following the test crash has kind of prompted FIA to take to a serious action.

As per the reports, by now FIA has started to work in collaboration with the McLaren team to work on accident details. Furthermore, FIA has also sourced CCTV footage carrying data on Alonso’s crash & FIA is hopeful that the CCTV information would render better insight on actual happenings that day.

The CCTV footage has revealed that Fernando was running wide & was on continuous attempt to correct the car & then slowed down a bit prior to hitting on the wall.

One of the FIA spokesmen remarked that they are trying to find out whether safety improvements could be made to prevent such crashes in future. Read more

2015 F1 Calendar Drops Korea

Korean GP has been unfortunately dropped from new 2015 calendar. The news is surely a shocking one for the Korean driving enthusiasts.

The Korean race was quite a surprise add-on to the F1 schedule that was displayed in 2014 December but with the usher of new year, the FIA authorities declared the omission of the said from final version.

According to sources, Korea Grand Prix was included upon the request of Bernie Ecclestone but was removed as it turned clear that such a thing wasn’t viable.

The F1 revised schedule is already published on the official website of FIA.

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Lewis Hamilton Owes His SPOTY Trophy To Social Networking

The popular decision to champion F1 star racer Hamilton (Lewis) as BBC SPOTY 2014 has been received with mixed reaction. According to many, the F1Q champ owes his win largely to social networking stimulation.

It’s not just because he brought his furry friend at the red carpet event of Glasgow but also given his convincing upper hand over golf star Rory McIlroy who was the top favorite for the coveted BBC honor this year.

As per the sources, the F1 racer received around 209,920 telephone & online votes which formed 33.8 percent of votes received for choosing the SPOTY trophy 2014 – and it successfully eclipsed Rory’s 19.9 percent share by high mark of 86, 175 votes. It wasn’t a very close-run thing & was beyond the expectation of many.

The Irish golf star was rated 2/9 on the winning scale by the bookmakers when BBC came up with the ten-person shortlist in the last week of November. Lewis’ odds came up from the previous 3/1 price yet still his victory margin indicates how many people underestimated the very esteem of his 2nd driver’s title.

As a perfect gentleman, Rory took the unexpected defeat gracefully even when a huge share of golf stars were quite baffled at the very decision.

As Ian Poulter posted on Twitter- “Absolutely ridiculous that Rory did not win SPOTY 2014. Great respect to Lewis but, again, come on. BBCSPOTY is a huge joke today.”

Hamilton’s Facebook page has received 2.9 million Likes in comparison to 708,000 Likes received by Rory’s page. In the contemporary digital age, such a huge margin of “Likes” on Facebook could be quite a stimulating factor. The very hashtag urging people to vote for the F1 champ went viral online and so pictures of Lewis’ wrapped in Union Flag.