Lewis Holidays In Barbados

With the summer break having started for the racing community, Lewis has been holidaying in Barbados and the media has been following him around in the escapades that he is experiencing there.

Recently, his pictures were shot with him having traded cars for boats for a day. He has been found partying with the local Bajan beauties lately. This particular day saw him with the boys in the water and on the boats. Lewis is known to be a lothario and he is often seen dating some of the beautiful women of the world. However, this Wednesday he was not with a woman companion as he spent a day on a boat with the boys. Being a Formula One legend, there is little wonder that the focus of the world is on him. The island of Barbados offers several scenic beaches and the tranquil waters are perfect for spending a day on the boat. Read more


SérgioSetteCâmaraafter recently signing with MP Motorsport, will move by 2017 into the GP2 Series and will be debuting with the team at the Yas Marina Circuit in Abu Dhabi, during the post season test.

The Brazilian who also hopes to be competing in the Formula 1 soon enough, moves up to the GP2 series having spent just two seasons in the FIA European Formula 3 Championship.

What is however unclear is if the eighteen year old would be retaining his place within the Red Bull Junior Team. Talking about his new big jump, SetteCâmara had this to say,

“I am extremely happy to announce that next year I will be competing in the GP2 Series,”

“It is a very competitive category with sensational cars.

“The teams are very professional, and all drivers are very fast and talented. It is a big step in relation to F3 on a platform where I can learn a lot; I can’t wait to sit in the car and start to push.

“I am grateful for the opportunity to compete with the team and I hope soon I can get closer to my trajectory towards F1.” Read more

Wolff Talks About Ferrari

Wolff, who is part of the Mercedes F1 team states that he would miss having to fight off the challenges of the Ferrari team this season.

Toto Wolff, who is the boss of the Motorsport division of Mercedes hopes that Ferrari would soon recover their form so that the battle on the race tracks can resume. Ferrari teams have fought hard at the grand prix events in 2015. It was expected that the campaign that started this year would see Mercedes team fighting hard for the F1 titles against the Ferrari team. However the opening 12 grand prix events did not see any wins from the Ferrari team. The summer break has now begun and Ferrari is hoping to revisit their technical structure and operations so that they can get back on the winning track. The first half of the season saw the team emerge as the third best team. They have been overtaken by teams like Red Bull besides Mercedes.

Wolff feels that the Ferrari team needs to learn from the mistakes they have made. That is one of the weaknesses of the team and they need to work on the same if they wish to recover in the second half of the year. Wolff states that the Mercedes team looks forward to a stiff challenge for the Ferrari team.

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McLaren And Its Potential For Russian GP

There are many stories around a Russian Grand Prix as the tracks ready for the upcoming race this weekend.

Jenson Button stated at a press conference that the McLaren team was yet to display their full potential in order to qualify for the race. He stated that McLaren has united with Honda since Q3, but the team has to showcase the betterment in skills as yet. Fernando Alonso, who qualified in China and Australia, took up twelfth places in the races. The team feels that a top position in the top ten would have been possible, but a red flag that was issued in Q2 led to this hope being dashed.

The last race for the team offered difficult conditions for the driver. The driver came home at the twelfth or the thirteenth position which was not desirable. Last year, at the China tracks, every car had finished successfully and that is what is required to be repeated every time. Definitely the team has a pace that allows it to qualify for the races, but the team has moved up and gain more points. If you seek his expertise, he is not looking at great improvements in the team’s performance this weekend as well. That is a practical approach to take. Read more